CUT THE CONNECTION OFF: Sometimes it is seen that whenever you get involved somewhere very deeply that will make you bore after someday and then you will want to leave from that, similarly, happens in your relationship. Don’t try to involve somewhere so deeply. Maybe she is your girlfriend. So whenever your relationship got broken up leave it as it is, don’t need to give attention as well as don’t try to block her also, keep him or her as he or she wants to be. Do your work and everyone likes to seek attention from others. So after some time he or she will come to you and will want to talk with you.

STAY POSITIVE: Most of the time it is seen that after a breakup or don’t get love in return some become very upset and deeps into a hole of depression. So don’t do that kind of thing, just stay positive and believe in yourself, and stay positive always. Try to make yourself busy at work and do whatever you love to do.

SHOW YOUR NEW SIDE: Whenever you were with her or him, she or he was your first priority, and you were obsessed with them. Now she or he is not with you, then what? Cant, you live? Make him or her understand that you have your own life to follow, you have your own work to do. Maybe sometimes in relation he or she made a joke of you with something, try to work on that, be successful, make them jealous of you, automatically they will be attracted by you.

TAKE A LEAVE: If you feel more depressed, then you can also take a leave from everyone and also take a digital detox for a month and go for a trip to some hill station alone. This will give you the best refreshing nature of anything.

DON’T JEALOUS OF HER: In most cases, break-up occurs due to jealousy or possessiveness. So after a break-up, she or he may have new friends and she or he can behave with them very closely. Don’t try to say anything about that just show him or her that you don’t care about that. You also have to show him or her that in this break-up nothing has changed.

DISPOSE OF YOUR MEMORIES: When you were in a relationship you both had definitely spent some good moments and captured that, so you can delete all of that pictures, dispose of all of the gifts were given by her or him, delete the messages. Not totally this works to forget someone but this can stop you to see that memory again.

NEVER BLAME YOURSELF: There is another scene where it is seen that someone may be your crush and she or he knows that you like him. But after some time you become to know that she is in love with someone else. That’s not your fault anyway and not him or her also. You are independent and she or he is independent so you both have different feelings type. So don’t blame yourself that he or she doesn’t like or love you doesn’t mean you are rejected by all. Meet more people, love them, love yourself, be happy. This is also a way you can forget your past also.