It becomes very important for you to investigate that whether your attachment with a particular person is just down to friendship or something little more than that. Friendship and love are two different aspects altogether, it is not necessary that your best friend with whom you spent most of your time, is your soulmate. In true sense, you can’t share each & everything to your best friend but with your love partner you can do so without any kind of hesitation. If you are having some romantic thoughts going on in your mind about a particular person most of the time during a day then there is a high possibility that you’re developing feelings for that person.

But sometimes people draw misconception that, if a girl or a boy is interacting with a particular person freely in a cheerful way or cracking jokes, sharing his/her best moments etc that means that girl or a boy is in love with that person. It is possible that your best friend might not support you in your harsh situations, but your true love partner will. It’s often the case that you fall in love with a particular person, but before moving further , firstly , you should investigate the fact that whether that person is compatible with you or not, i.e., whether you can interact with that person by your true nature or you are communicating with that person as he/she wanted you to be. If the above condition holds good then secondly, you should check whether the opposite person is also feeling comfortable with you or not, whether he/she can interact with you comfortably by his/her true nature , if both holds good then you are good to go.

If you are flirting with a particular person more than normal conversation, then it is a sign that you are very much attracted to that person , but before naming your friendship as relationship , you should see whether that person is considering you to be in his/her friend zone or not. If a person doesn’t stop you from doing wrong actions & supports you even knowing the fact that it is wrong ,in-order to impress or satisfy you, that means, that person doesn’t even have the capacity to be your friend.

The boundary between frienship & love also lies in the fact that , if you are getting much more physical with a particular person while interacting & if the other person is also getting comfortable or doesn’t raise any issues with that , then your friendship is much beyond what you really think. But apart from this, the most important factor is that , if thinking about a particular person, making you feel better & making you smile in your worst moments, & last but not the least ,if his/her presence in your life is becoming so much important, then it’s time to value your relationship status with that person.