The key job of parents is to create a stable & secure environment for their kids, where they can have the liberty to grow, to explore new things, to test their limitations & last but not the least where they can consider themselves to be safe. As the first place kids make their safe zone is around their parents, it’s like the first line of defence to them. It’s important that your kids feels secure and safe in any situation in front of you then only they will open up to you and you will be able to generate the friendship between you and your kid.

Below are some of the points to make your kids feel much more comfortable & secure :

1)As a parent you should spend time with your kids as much as possible. This will help you to get much more closer to your kids so that they can feel comfortable to share their feelings & emotions.
Try to share every on-going events happening worldwide, crack jokes, make sudden plans etc to make your kids feel much more secure.

2) Always show affection to your kids by hugging them or by holding their hands when you walk together , this will give your kids the feeling that how much you love them. Your love & affection can make a huge difference in your child’s overall development.

3) Being a parent , give your kids a chance to express their feelings. you should always be a listener rather than a dictator, as your kids has a lot to say to you when they are talking.

This will make your kids feel much more secure & comfortable while talking to you & they can then easily share their conflicts happening in their life. Make your kids feel that you have trust on them even they are in their worst situations.

4) Try to praise & appreciate your children as much as possible, which will boost their self-confidence & self-esteem. Your encouragement will give your children the security, where they can flourish very comfortably.

5) Being a parent you should always lift your children up when they are down with their self-confidence. Always show them that you are always there for their support, no matter what the situation is. Give your kids the belief that they can start all over again, & this will show unconditional love to your children.

6) Try to make your kids realize where they are going wrong, & try to correct their mistakes. You should always maintain a balance between mercy & justice, give the realization that mistakes are part of human’s life but there is always a scope of rectifying your mistakes so those mistakes are not repeated again in the future.

7) Being a parent, try to honor & highlight your kids talents. Show them their talents they are good at & provide help & support to develop those talents. It becomes necessary for parents to make your children understand that they are the boss of their own talent & skills.

8) If possible try to include your kids in making small family-decisions. This will make your children feel that their opinions are also valuable & as a parent you value their opinions. Try to acknowledge your kids opinions & decisions, so that they can get the feel that they have a good sense of humor.

9) Boost their moral and give them enthusiasm. Praise them when they do something good and show them that they are proud of them this will give them the erg to be a good kid and make you proud.