Stress & relaxation are both part of ones life. Without the presence of stress one can’t understand the value of relaxation. There is not a single person in this world who can say that he/she is leading stress-free & a relaxed life.
So life of a person is the combination of both stress & relaxation, the important thing that matters the most here is that, how that person maintains balance between the two.

Stress comes in many ways in a persons life be it physical stress or mental stress.

So, one should try to maintain proper balance between the two in order to lead a simple & happy life. Here are few important points discussed below how to properly balance the presence of both physical & mental stress in a persons life :

  • Engage yourself into different physical activities as much as possible like joining a sports club, going to the gym, swimming, sprinting, jogging, cycling etc. This will not only improve your physical health but will also help you to clear your mind & make you free from any kind of negative feelings & thoughts.But simply doing exercise will not provide you with the best results, doing the right kind of exercise for right amount of time is also necessary. A proper physical exercise will regulate blood flow in your body, which will make you more active & will also help you to migrate thoughts in the right direction.
    Both physical & mental health are said to be related to each other , so in order to make yourself mentally stable proper physical health is very much essential.The persons who are physically sound always have a high self-confidence, self-esteem & also have the spirit to face any kind of challenges in life.
  • Proper nutrition also plays a important role in making yourself physically & mentally stable. You should always incorporate fresh seasonal fruits, green leafy veggies etc which are provided by nature into your diet rather than fried, sugary artificial foods which are available in the market.Proper & healthy diet will make your free from any kind of disease & will also provide you a better immune system.

    Researches has shown that your mental health depends on your gut health as well , so a proper & balanced diet will not only improve your digestion & gut health but will also make you mentally more satisfied & stable.

  • Your mental health also depends on the fact that, with whom you are communicating on a daily basis be it with your family, friends, relatives , colleagues etc.Psychology says, human brain is attracted more towards negative things than positive ones. Negative things creates negative belief system within ourselves which triggers negative feelings & emotions.
    So, a person should surround himself/herself with positive peoples & try to avoid negative people as much as possible. Try to establish new relationships with the people with whom you feel much more positive & better.

    Understand the fact that, who you actually are & take actions based upon that , rather than pretending to be someone else in order to satisfy or impress someone. You should always remember the bottom line that

    ” You can’t be good in everyone’s story “.

  • You should build a habit to set up future goals for yourself & make a routine on a daily basis in order to achieve that goal. This will give you the backup energy to carry yourself forward & will help you to visualize your future much more clearly.Adopting up of new hobbies for yourself is also essentially important to be mentally busy all the time & also to make yourself feel much more enthusiastic all the time. Give yourself the felling that you have something to do, try to develop creativity within yourself in order to divert your thoughts in the right direction.

    Perform the actions which you like & last but not the least try to avoid prioritizing your thoughts & actions as much as possible. Always greet yourself with positive affirmation & don’t consider yourself inferior to others ,always remember that you are the king of your own domain.

  • Lastly, don’t compromise with your sleep. A proper & deep sleep reduces both physical fatigue & depressive thoughts to a large extent. It creates calmness & provides a sense of freshness to both mind & body.Researches have shown that, poor sleep may create many mental disorders & can even make them worse. Taking a proper nap is always necessary to feel relaxed, as it is the only time when a person is free from any kind of thoughts & emotions.