Innocent mind of little children are affected badly by such fights. We may think this fight doesn’t affect children as they are too little to understand and forget this fight some time later, but because the quarrels include a lot of bad words, high voices or aggression it may bring stress in kids mind and bring obstacles to their healthy development and then children develop communication problems, social relationship problems. Keep in mind that you are developing your children to live in a society where they need to involve in all kinds of social relationships. They should express their feelings instead of being afraid to talk. When children observe that how easily their parents solve their conflicts then it boosts their confidence too.

Here’s what to do in case argument is unavoidable:

  • Always keep your cool:

when the quarrel starts to increase the heat in the room one of the parents should keep their head cool. Stepping back doesn’t always mean losing in the fight, but it’s a great way to end it. You can settle the matter later while your child is not in front of you.

  • Respect :

Always keep each other’s respect while arguing. You have to make sure you won’t use any such words which can hurt your partner and affect you child.

  • The tone and language :

It is quite common that when a couple starts fighting they tend to lose the voice tone and language. In the great amount of anger, they tend to use such words that can hurt other’s ego. So maintain your tone and language in front of your kid.

  • Find the solution :

Instead of just arguing try to find the solution. Find such a solution by keeping your child’s mental health in mind. Find a decision on which both of you can easily and mutually agree and consider them instead of just trying to put yourself on top.

  • Make your child understand :

If the kid is in front of you while arguing then try to make him/her understand that their mom and dad are not actually fighting but trying to find the solution for a particular problem.

  • Don’t make the child the cause of quarrels:

Your child should never be the cause of your fight. Often the child thinks his/her mom and dad are fighting over him/her and then starts to blame himself/herself which hurts them badly over time. Avoid small causes for arguments in front of the child, like taking decisions for child’s education, decorating the home etc.

  • Always focus on your child :

Anyone can lose their temper but whatever happens always keep one eye on your child too. Children might get frightened or stressed because of the arguments. Notice that and stop your arguments as soon as possible. Always be there with your child and try to help him forget what just happened.

  • Take the advice of elders :

The elders of our house always try to warn when we start the fight. Do not ignore them, listen and try to understand what they say as they are far more experienced about raising a kid. They know what happens next better than anyone.