No one likes addressing conflict. however, in spite of however hard we tend to try and avoid them, arguments, fights, and disagreements are a reality of life — for adults and for teenagers. And not addressing conflicts once they arise will negatively impact relationships and cause more social challenges down the road.
Conflict might not be pleasant, however, it doesn’t need to feel harmful. Teaching children sensible skills to manage it in an exceedingly healthy means can help them navigate everything from tiny squabbles (“She took my doll!”) to massive problems (“I don’t recognize if I would like to be your friend anymore”) each currently and as they get older.

What’s Happening

Well first of all, it’s not an easy task for the parents to know what is happening in their kids life. Your kids might suffer from various conflicting issues which you might not have noticed. So, instead of monitoring your kids all the time, as a parent you should always try to analyse their problems & take necessary actions that will regulate conflicts between kids.It becomes very important for a parent to navigate conflict in right direction to thrive their kids emotions & feelings, so that they can able to manage their conflicts with proper ease & confidence.


Sometimes, it becomes very important to understand & tune yourself into your kids low-intensity emotions. You might see frequent mood shifts in your kids, in this kind of situation. Your kids might indulge in some activities which will suppress their emotions. As a parent you should identify those things & take necessary actions accordingly. Moreover, in this kind of situations, you might notice some changes in your kids body languages as well like dropping of shoulders, scrunching of eyebrows etc.


As a parent you should always make a choice that whether you should react to your kids or whether you should consider your kids conflicts as a challenging moment for yourself. This intentional choice will allow a parent to connect properly with their kids as a result of which a parent can easily teach their kids when they take actions or becomes too much emotional. Thus as a parent, you can have the opportunity to establish proper connection & intimacy with your child.


Before shouting to your kids unnecessarily, you should always ask questions to your child frequently like “what’s going on in their life at the moment?” & when they will start speaking their side, as a parent you should be proactive listener rather than being too much judgmental. This will allow your kids to be comfortable with you so that you can validate & empathize their feelings.


Being a parent, you should not allow your kids to label their emotions, rather you should help them to identify where they are going wrong. Sometimes it is quite often that your kid is unaware of the fact that how they are feeling. Reaching out to them in a positive way will allow your kids to express themselves in a more effective way.


As a parent, we should understand our kids goals & desires. It is important as it will help parents to realize that what their kids want from their life. Parents should always acknowledge their kids needs in order to make themselves feel & realize that they are in right track or not. Being a parent, it becomes necessary for us to help our kids to get out of the contradictory situations during which they are down with their confidence & self-esteem. This will in turn reduce their conflicting issues to a large extent.