1) One should acknowledge the impact of a relationship in one’s life whether it is positive or negative.One shouldn’t deny the fact his/her jealousy is causing insecurities in the relationship.Rather one should accept his/her jealousy with a good grace & try to handle it with honesty.Trying to avoid the feeling of jealousy can create insecurities in ones mind which in turn can bring end of a happy & fruitful relationship one day.

2) Providing a proper definition to your jealousy is also   necessary,as it will clear your thoughts & can bring clarity to the relationship.One should treat jealousy as a solution or answers to many unknown questions which is not encountered previously,rather than treating it as a problem.It will help us to find the real cause of jealousy & thus can benifit us by providing lasting relief.

3) One should not consider himself/herself inferior as compared to others,as it may cause degradation to self-confidence & can create jealousy in mind.Lack of self-confidence will then trigger negative thoughts & beliefs & after that it will be very difficult to sustain that relationship in the long run.High slef-confidence will always make you feel that you are far more superior than any other person in ones life, & this belief will make you feel better & free from jealousy.

4) One should always learn to explain himself/herself, his/her importance in his/her partner’s life.It becomes necessary for yourself to understand that how your presence can affect & make a positive impact in ones life.This understanding  will make you  feel much more superior than others & hence can develop the feeling that no one can replace you when it comes to making your partner feel happy,secure &  comfortable in a relationship.

5) Sometimes it’s often the case that your partner find that you are jealous,in that case you should communicate with your partner in such a way,that he/she feels as if nothing has happend.This will make your partner feel that you are not too much concerned about jealousy rather you are looking forward to set new goals & targets to make the relationship more stronger & sustainable.

6) Self-appreciation is also necessary to diminish the thought that your partner might leave you because of someone else.This self-appreciation will increase self-esteem & thus will reduce insecurities issues a lot.you should be obliged by the fact that why your partner has chosen  you in place of others as his/her love partner.You should consider yourself lucky enough that your partner have chosen you with whom he/she can share his/her feelings,emotions,thoughts & problems.

7) You should always try to highlight the positives in you to your partner,so that his/her trust & interest on you increases.Whenever, you  feel jealous try to remember the past experiences that you have enjoyed with your partner,this will motivate & help you to retain trust on your partner.This trust will give you the belief that you & your partner are made for each other & no one can ruin or break yours relationship bonding.