• One should stop blaming himself/herself whatever may be the cause of insecurity.Self-love is the key to reduce the feeling of insecurities.To develop self-love one should reduce negative thoughts & outcomes ,infact they shouldn’t think that he/she doesn’t deserved to be loved.Rather,they should thrive on positive thoughts & plan for the best possible outcomes.
  • Self-acceptance is also an important aspect to feel insecure.Self-acceptance helps one to develop a strong mindset & thus it will help one to live in the present moment rather than thinking about past & future.It will help one to visualize a particular situation as it is not by his/her interpretation.
  • Communication also play a vital role in a relationship,& a lingering communication from either side might create insecurities in a relationship.A good communication skills helps your partner to understand you better, & a better understanding will reduce insecurities to a greater extent.A
    good communication skill can make your partner feel much more better & comfortable with you & hence he/she can feel much more secure with you.
  • Understanding each others need is also a very important aspect in a relationship.There might be certain situations where your partner will not share his/her needs properly,but you as a partner is responsible to analyze that particular need & this will help to know each other much better & hence will create a better & strong bonding. In a relationship understanding each others need is considered to be the foundation & if you are
    able to understand your partner’s needs you can easily predict in a much better manner what he/she will feel next. This will help both of you to understand that what your partner is going through & how does he/she feel
  • In a relationship forgiveness is also an important factor.It is always better to create new chapter of relationship rather than lamenting over the past issues.It is always better to understand & accept your partner , for who he/she actually is. It will make the relationship much more better & pleasurable ,hence free from any sort of insecurities. The source of trust in a relationship is found in the willingness to forgive.It is only through forgiveness that you will be able to relieve the stress in your relationship.It is not easy to forgive as people are unaware of how they are behaving & how they are treating their partner.People do not like to admit that they have done wrong but when they come to know, they cannot just forget it.Hence carefulness while dealing with the person is required, so that future issues can be avoided and remain free of any kind of troubles.
  • If you’ve ever been in a relationship, then you know the wild roller coaster of emotions that can be felt. You might experience feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, or even confusion at what to do next. You might worry about how your significant other feels about you, or vice versa.Sometimes we get so much indulged in emotions that we can’t predict the current situation & hence we can’t provide better solutions to
    problems related to relationship.So, one should able to have better control over his/her emotions so that you can understand your partners feeling & then take decisions based upon that
  • One should always try to provide space for his/her partner so that, he/she can better understand what is good & what is bad for him/her at that very moment.Infact at any point of time if some insecurities arises in any relationship ,one should give opposite partner the time to think & realize , what went wrong from his/her side