5 skills that will handle all the ups and downs In your relationship

Ups and downs are very common in any relationship, yes really. We evolve balanced human being, many things changes in our life weather it’s emotional, mental or physical. And all these changes are not in our control and even without noticing them they become a unspoken part of our day to day life and accepting those are necessary as breathing.

Couples want to believe that they have control over their relationship. That’s why it’s very bad when your love life is not that much happening as your expectation and you not knowing how to make it better.

Feeling that the spark is lost from breakfast to dinner is the most painful thing. The chemistry and intimacy with your partner starts to fade out, every disagreement even the lame one turns into a fight, suddenly there is feeling that your relationship is not working out and you even don’t know how small actions led you and your partner to this situation.

If you are in the same situation and these issue starts to affect your professional life, here are 5 things that can bring your love live or marriage life again on track and ignite the spark again.

Take a night out

  • I know that you are very busy but scheduling a night out is just what it takes. It’s not like that you have to go to a luxurious restaurant and have some caviar will only do it. It can be as simple as a movie, shopping or may be as simple as having a coffee at a small café. Spending some quality time together is very much important to open up the closed corners of heart and letting out all the toxic poisons.

Slow down

  • We all know that acid can destroy even a hard metal similarly in any relationship the lifestyle of you or your partner can misbalance the equilibrium of your love life. Running in life is very necessary but sometime take a break from the fast trade mill of life and walk slowly and enjoy the small moments with your partner. Take an exit from your social life and reduce your work calendar to be present in the sphere of love. Learn how to say “NO” to certain events which can be eliminated and place your relationship in that space.

List what you love

  • Experiencing the bas phase of your relationship? Suddenly you think lets separate the paths. If you are right its really fine for both of you but just think for a moment that if it’s not what you think then you are going to loose someone special for just a stupid reason. Isn’t it haunting, yes there are a lot of thing that’s bothering you make a list of those things and give a 2nd thought “is really these issues are happening because of your partner or some other factors”. Make a 2nd list of things which your partner does, which really makes you happy now compare both the list. This simple task can make you self realize how really the things are. It will add a new perspective towards the problems.

Share each other’s life

  • Yes we have many problems that are not related to our relationship that bother us in out daily life and we think that only we can solve the problems. Yes your are absolutely right! Your partner doesn’t know anything about the work you do but when you discuss those problems then they will know the reason behind your frustration. Then it will be easier for both of you to come out of that situation easily.

Worst time brings great opportunities

  • If you ever invested in stock market then you will know that the best time to invest is when the prices are down. In relationship the down times are the biggest opportunities to show your love and care to your partner. Care more, love more and use yourself in a best way to solve the issues, after you win a war your relationship will get more stronger each of you will evolve to become emotionally more strong and supportive in nature.

Relationship is a seesaw of love it’s never balanced if you try to balance it or let say its seems to be balanced the there must be problem in the seesaw.

Make the downtime your opportunity to make your relationship stronger share the bond, share the issues talk about them and surely you will find the way to solve the problems and be the better version of yourselves.

Over time when you began to communicate more effectively, then you will have the support and harmony from you partner. Then it will become easier to understand and solve the problems as well as develop a strong bond which will last till eternity. Enjoy the ups and downs in your relationship.