Falling in love VS Staying in love In 17 ways

Falling in love is like a roller coaster ride of emotions, it’s thrilling as well as soothing at the same time. Staying in love is not much different than falling in it. So what is the difference then? The problem arises when you think both are the same every time. The biggest difference between them which creates an issue between you and your partner is when you expect the excitement and addiction that during the ‘falling’ stage to last in perpetuity. Similarly when you expect the trust, understanding, and maturity that happens in a long-lasting relationship to occur in your relationship within a day of falling for someone. Falling and staying in love both are wonderful, it’s not unless you understand the small differences between them which should happen when and how to appreciate what you have in front of you also how to make it last.

Love positively

  • Falling in love demands that you adore everything they do if it’s odd as shabby hairs or even the way they drink their coffee in the other hand staying in love demands that you forget about all the unnecessary things they do which drive you crazy make you angry.

It’s a team game

  • Falling in love demands that you do everything even if it’s sometimes out of your potential staying in love is like a team game you have to be selfless as the happiness of both depends on your actions so sometimes you may have to forget about your individual desire.

Tough times?

  • When you fall in love it’s joyful, easy to laugh, a huge tanker of happiness arrives that comes with a new relationship staying in love demands that you make them laugh even through the depressing times.

It takes time

  • When you fall in love you have to know each other and know them layer by layer and even reveal yourself bit by bit staying in love demands that both of you will reveal your deepest and even the darkest corners of your hearts and accepting the closed room of their hearts which they have only opened for you.

Accept what they are

  • Falling in love demands that to find out how you are attracted towards them, mentally, physically as well as emotionally. Staying in love means that you appreciate all the things your partner considers as imperfections in themselves because the so-called imperfections are the traits that make us what we are.

Hand & Hair

  • Falling in love is getting excited for a night out together staying in love is resting your head in their lap, their hands playing in the valleys of your hair.

Keep the spark alive

  • Falling in love is wanting to be with them 24/7 staying in love is learning to be self-sufficient ad be your own person even you are poles apart from keeping the spark and loyalty alive.

Share the warmth

  • Falling in love is chiseling out room for a new person in you staying in love is weaving each other’s line together and making a new comfy sweater that can fit both of you and share the warmth together.

New friendship

  • Falling in love is to introduce them to all your best friends staying in love is to develop such a relationship with them that it’s like you have never met any friend who is more close to your partner


  • Falling in love is scolding them when they make some mistakes staying in love is seeing the world with their eyes and trying to take part in that situation in your mind.

No language

  • Falling in love is saying I LOVE YOU all the time staying in love is expressing your love in every word you speak and appreciating them “That dress looks incredible on you!” or “You always make me laugh.” These are just small examples if you think deeply enough you will find a lot of things which you say to them on a daily basis which if said in a well-organized way will make a huge impact.


  • Falling in love is appreciating whatever they do staying in love is taking part with them in it, as actions speak louder than voice so take actions which can make them feel that you really love what they do it can be cooking together.

Small touch is enough

  • Falling in love is wanting to be intimate more often staying in love needs just a touch of love it can be just a kiss on the forehead.

Love the way they see the world

  • Falling in love is showing the world through your specs staying in love is sharing the same specs or even fitting in their specs.

There’s another world

  • Falling in love is to spend all the time alone together staying in love is to even enjoy the world that exists outside of one another

Love is not anything like where you can always stay the same and keep your priorities and emotions the same like when you started it’s like a river where you have to flow with your partner and adapt to the twist and turns of the river by keeping the spark, intimacy, chemistry and all other things that are important for a relationship to stay healthy.

So falling in love is not that much different than staying in love, the only mantra is to recognize-analyze-learn and grow together.

Arriving at a problem in a relationship is as natural as rain in a rainy season but there’s always a choice to be prepared with an umbrella of understanding and belief.

All the best with your relationship and never let problems fade the vibe, keep the vibe that created your relationship and helped you grow the relationship over time.