Why communication is important

 The base of a divorce/breakup proof relationship is communication from both the ends. Communication is a part of our daily life that’s why maybe sometime we don’t consider it that much important. As soon as you understand the importance of communication then you can prevent many things which can destroy your relationship. Communication will support your relationship like foundation of any building supports its structure.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to understand how importance communication is! We need to learn it in scientific as well as emotional way, we always think that communication means that we have to always talk with our partner 24/7 but it’s not the case here the way you communicate is also important. Let’s go to the journey of communication.

  • Build up

When you just fall in love and started to know each other better and block by block building your relationship for the future, communication plays a big role in building the love. That’s why overtime some couples complain about fading if vibe that is because the communication that started and built the relationship doesn’t often continues overtime. Don’t let time create communication gap between you and your partner overtime keep the communication alive.

  • Remove misunderstandings

What do you why there is misunderstanding between you and your partner? Don’t you think if you have clearly discussed your problems and issues with him/her then this scenario would not have occurred? Yes the main reason for misunderstanding is lack of communication. It’s very important to discuss the issues clearly and within time. Try to see each other’s point of view and try to solve the issue with discussing what can be done. Communicating with your partner in a well mannered way is the only way out form misunderstandings.

  • Know each other better

Some relationship don’t last long because they start we start it without knowing our partners Its very important to fists know your partner and judge the compatibility with him/her. The sad reality is it very hard to continue a relationship for both the persons if they don’t know each other well. And the easiest and most effective way to solve is communication.

  • Respecting your partner

One of obvious answer to the question “what will happen due to lack of communication?” is there will be lack of respect for your partner. Respecting our partner is one of most important things that will make the relationship long lasting. It might not look disrespecting from your point of view but it can be disrespecting from your partners point of view that’s why it is very much important to know his/her point of view. One of the big reason why some relationship breaks apart is lack of respect as the person with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life doesn’t respect you it’s very hard to continue with that person.

  • Building trust

Trust is like oxygen for any relationship the only way to achieve is through communication. Building trust is like building a wall with one brick at a time it’s takes time both the partners need to communicate with honesty and build trust overtime. As time passes by you will get to know each other better and their likes and dislikes and then only you can support them in any situation this will build the trust between you and your partner. You will become more confident that your secrets are secure with your partner.

  • Uplift you mood

You can arrange an exotic dinner date with your partner but it’s not enough! If the communication between you and your partner is not that much effective every date will be like a funeral. So talk with your partner share experiences and improve your intimacy through communication even a single “I LOVE YOU” has a power to change the mood. Talk about her daily life and let her know that you are concern about her daily life issue this will lighten up the tensed mood after a long hectic day at work.

  • Discover and learn

Relationship brings new and unique experiences each day. It’s really important to visit the deep corners of your partner and unfold them each day. Many relationships breaks because they find it boring and monotonous, but if you keep communicating and try to know your partner better everyday then it will be like a roller coaster ride with new twists and turns.

In relationship it’s very important that you love to talk and communicate with your partner because it will give you a huge amount of opportunities to know each other better

It’s will also make your relationship eternal and long lasting, it will help you both to make commitments.

Its not possible to judge the importance of communication overnight because as time passes new issues arise in a relationship. But its really important that we know how important communication is as soon as possible and practice it in a regular basis for a long run.