Anger Management: 10 ways to control it

Does your blood pressure boil when your partner disagrees? Do you say some more and absurd things when you are angry? Anger is very normal in all of our lives it’s necessary also, but it’s also very important to deal with anger in a positive and productive manner. Uncontrolled anger is like a vehicle without brakes it can hamper your health as well as relationships.

Here are 10 tips that can help you overcome your anger issue and you can lead a healthy as well as happy lifestyle.

  • Think before you speak

It’s easy to say something when the mind is controlled by anger, it’s easy to pass any comments in the heat of the moment which you will regret later. So take your time to analyze what you are saying let the heater cool down and then speak also allow the person in front of you to speak and listen to their perspective also.

  • Show your anger when you are calm

This tip may seem impossible and illogical and many of you will think that how can someone show his/her anger when they are calm, but this is possible as soon as you think that you are capable of thinking clearly then express your frustration in a controlled manner where you are not insulting your partner. Discuss your concerns directly and clearly without hurting your partner’s emotions

  • Exercise

Physical exercise can help you reduce stress and anxiety that can cause anger issues. If you feel your anger starts boiling go out and take a short walk or maybe do a Zumba session. Regular yoga and meditation will also help you overcome anger issues.

  • Take a short break

Take short breaks in between stressful times. Take a “ME TIME” alone which will increase your ability of thinking, it’s always not necessary to spend 24 hours with your partner “ME TIME” in an individual’s life is also important for someone to analyze your mistakes and try to become a better person

  • Look for solutions

Don’t look for the issue which created a problem rather than look for solutions for those problems. Maybe you are not right always your partner is maybe right this time so accepting other’s opinions will not trigger anger within yourself. Always try to think that anger will not solve all the issues it will make them worse.

  • Stop the blame game

Use “I”, avoid blaming your partner it will only create more tension and increase the blame game, it will go on forever. Make your statements respectful. For example, say, “I am sad that you come late all the time” instead of “It’s your habit to come late”.

  • Let it out

Forgiving someone will not make you inferior. Let the grudges fade out and make a fresh start. Don’t let anger overcome your positive feelings. Gulp down your ego and let the anger dissolve this will definitely make your relationship stronger.

  • Win by loosing

It’s not always necessary to win in every situation, whenever you try to win in a heated moment it will only boil your anger more. One thing which you can do is to stop trying to win or even to participate whenever you are angry. Take a timeout and calm down, even boxing matches also have timeout’s so why not in an argument.

  • Identify your pressure points

We all have a trigger in our brain whenever it is triggered we can’t control our anger and we burst out. Learn to avoid triggering it, whenever you think that the argument is initiating to trigger in your mind avoid having the conversation at that particular time and let it cool then start again in a calm way.

  • Ask for help

It’s always not possible to overcome anger issues by yourself. Never feel ashamed or hesitate to ask for help. You can consult a psychiatrist or may talk to someone who is very close to you and know you well it’s never late to seek help and the path gets easier when someone is there to show you the path and teach you how to walk in that path as well as reach the destination.